About us

Soljuben Construcciones, S.L. was created in 1995. Our main activity is the construction of individual villas in the Costa del Sol area, taking in, of course, all of the many other jobs which have been offered to us over the years.


Our team is comprised of three medium grade Technicians (Commercial Director and Site Coordinators) and four Site Overseers as well as the personnel needed to carry out our projects with an average of 30 operatives, in addition to the companies that collaborate with us in the various different trades, all of which are from the local areas.

Our offices are located in Urbanization Nueva Atalaya, Commercial Centre Diana, Block III, Office 30, Estepona. We have at our disposal all the necessary means to carry out our work, with regard to both qualified personnel and the necessary tools and materials. We are also able to communicate with our clients in various languages.





In the course of our operations, our objective has been to carry out 2 or 3 similar sized projects at the same time. This allows us to give direct and full attention to both our clients and the building of the project itself.

Amongst the more outstanding of our projects, due to both the complexity of the work as well as the quality of the final presentation.

Even today, in some cases after having handed over the property years earlier, it is a sign of our client’s complete satisfaction to see that they continue to ask us to carry out any enlargements, additions or modifications they may require.

We also have, in Morocco, a sister company created in the year 2000 and called Construcción Comercial  Integral.